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I have just purchased my first roll of Kodak paper for wide format inkjet KPROTMC44 which is 44 inch wide Professional Artists Canvas Matt. I have 2 questions 1. Are there generic profiles available for these papers. I am using and Epson 9900 along with Epson pigment based inks. 2. I would like to order more papers should my first purchase work well for me. Are there sample swatches available so I can see the quality, weight and textures of your other papers? Thanks Gordon
Mar 8, 2016

Hi Gordon,

We can help with both questions.

Regarding a profile, these can be found under support / Resources / Download color profiles. Simply follow your printer model and expand the related folder.

If you can send me your shipping details, I'd be happy to have a swatch sent for your review. I have included my email below.

Should you have additional questions or need further help, please let me know.

Phone: (941)906-3030
Email: [email protected]



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