ICC Profile for the Epson SureColor P7000?

Posted in General by Rebecca C Gomme Sat May 27 2017 23:37:08 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·3·Viewed 1,590 times

Is there an ICC Profile for the Inkjet Artist Canvas Matte Finish paper (KPROTMC24) for the Epson SureColor P7000? It is not listed on the ICC Profiles page of your website but does that mean another profile will work? If so, why isn't there some sort of cross-compatibility list?
May 30, 2017

Our team just built one for you! You can find it on the GlobalBMG Kodak Profiles page.

Happy Printing!
BMG Team

June 4, 2017

Thank you - I have the profile but now I have another question: Are there Print Settings specific to this profile for PhotoShop CS6?

June 5, 2017

Yes, the profile was built under the media type ‘Canvas Matte’. Please select that as the media type in CS6 as well as the loaded media type on the printer, using Matte Black ink.

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