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ICC profile for HP photosmart B8550

Hi. I'm looking for an icc profile to use Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper with my HP B8550. I've search but can't find it anywhere. Is there an alternate or other profile that is suitable. Thanks, Cesar

Color profile for Kodak photo printer kiosk available at Rossmann Germany

Hi, I have been using kodak printer at Rossmann for a while but I noticed a big difference in the color profile from what I see on the camera/laptop. Is there any color profile I can import in Lightroom in order to have in the screen the same profile and adjust it accordingly before use the kiosk? thank you

Epson XP 8700 photo printer Kodak ICC profiles? which ones

I see that there is no ICC profile for my specific Epson photo printer the XP 8700, using Kodak paper are any of the other Epson ICC profiles suitable for use or is it best to just not use Kodak paper and find a suppler with ICC profiles for my specific printer. I am a photographer so accurate colour reproduction on prints is a must. many thanks for any help.

Epson Surelab D1070 printer

Where do I find icc profiles for Epson Surelab D1070 printer ?

ICC Profile for Kodak Metallic Paper

Hi, could you tell me how to find an icc profile for your paper to use on my Epson 7600 Ultrachrome printer using photo black? Thank you!

Printer Profile source?

Where can I download print profiles for using your products on an Epson Stylus Photo R3000?

Kodak Wide Format Paper

We have several of these boxes (12kg 27 lb) and would like to resell. They are in box and unused...would you have a recommendation for reselling? \ Thank you!

ICC Profile

Hallo Support, I am lookinf for the color profile of kodak lustre 260 gr canon pro 4000 12 colors All I can find is a document called "PRO-2_4000_KPro Lustre 255g.am1x" but that does not open in the color sinc program, neither in photoshop. please help, thanks, Klaus

L1800 Epson

I'm unable to find profile for L1800 to print on Kodak Photo paper High Gloss $X6

ICC Profile for the Epson SureColor P7000?

Is there an ICC Profile for the Inkjet Artist Canvas Matte Finish paper (KPROTMC24) for the Epson SureColor P7000? It is not listed on the ICC Profiles page of your website but does that mean another profile will work? If so, why isn't there some sort of cross-compatibility list?