KODAK PROFESSIONAL Sublimation, Metallic Gloss Film

Flexible, sublimation receptive surface for durable displays

Brilliant, high-quality displays
**KODAK PROFESSIONAL Sublimation, Metallic Gloss Film is a sublimation receptive PET film that provides excellent image quality, deep blacks, and high color saturation.

Durable and scratch resistant
KODAK PROFESSIONAL Sublimation, Metallic Gloss Film offers one of the highest durability films in the industry. This film is scratch and solvent resistant for performance and longevity and has universal compatibility with sublimation systems and the power of the KODAK brand behind it.

Smooth, high-gloss surface
This high-gloss, bright white surface produces fine details and high-quality imagery for front-lit displays, POP signage, and fine photographic prints.


  • Sublimation receptive PET film
  • Smooth, high-gloss, bright-white surface
  • Scratch and solvent resistant


  • Cibachrome-style photographic prints
  • Roller banners and flexible signage
  • Direct replacement for continuous tone prints
US SizeEuro SizeQuantitySKU
8.5” x 11”21,5 cm x 27,9 cm50 SheetsKPRO8511MG
8.5” x 14”21,5 cm x 35,5 cm50 SheetsKPRO8514MG
13” x 19”33,0 cm x 48,2 cm50 SheetsKPRO1319MG
16” x 20”40,6 cm x 50,8 cm50 SheetsKPRO1620MG
17” x 50’43,2 cm x 15,2 m1 RollKPRO17MG
24” x 50’61,0 cm x 15,2 m1 RollKPRO24MG
32” x 50’81,2 cm x 15,2 m1 RollKPRO32MG
44” x 50’111,7 cm x 15,2 m1 RollKPRO44MG
64” x 50’162,5 cm x 15,2 m1 RollKPRO64MG
MaterialWhite PET Film
Printer/Ink CompatibilityAqueous (Water-based) Dye-Sublimation Inks
FinishGloss >100 GU
CIE Whiteness> 109
Surface TextureSmooth
Opacity> 92
EnvironmentalCheck local recycling guidelines
Print/Heat SettingsFlatbed Heat Press: 3-5 Bar (43.5-72.5 PSI), Temperature 170°C (338°F), for 3min; Calender Heat Press: Pressure 1-3 Bar (14.5-43.5 PSI), Temperature 195°C (383°F), for 60 seconds Dwell Time
Handling RecommendationsTry not to touch the surface of the print media, always hold the paper by the edges, and wear cotton gloves if necessary. Return unused material to the original box and store finished prints in archival-quality packaging only. If mounting or framing, use only archival-grade tapes and glues. For sheet products, allow prints to adequately cool prior to mounting or framing. Do not stack prints on top of each other immediately.
StorageThe recommended climate for storage of this film is 23°C, relative humidity of 40-60%. Always store in original packaging, out of direct sunlight, and protected from moisture.


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